This is an adventure made of words an images,

but mostly made of glasses frames, arms,

fronts, bridges and lenses – of many colours.

It is an adventure in light,

it is the story of STING.

What if we name
them Sting

This story begins with a question. Thirty years ago, in the year 1985, Sting was born. Sting was the young brand for young people, an uncontainable explosion of colours and energy. Sting is the story of a family – not simply a mum, a dad and their two children, but an extended family, which includes all the people who have contributed to their personal and professional endeavour.There is much more to come…

We will take a journey through the production departments, following the creation of a pair of Sting glasses; we will take then tell you all about what made Sting a household name. We will admire the visuals that have publicized Sting over the years, represented by sport and show business personalities; amongst the likes Gabriel Batistuta, Fabio Cannavaro and Michael Schumacher.

This is an adventure made of words an images,

but mostly made of glasses frames, arms,

fronts, bridges and lenses – of many colours.

It is an adventure in light,

it is the story of STING.


ST!NG 394

A new concept of elegance has been established with this STING prescription style. FOLIAGE 1 features openings in its metal frame that separate the front piece from the lenses, so as to direct the gaze of the other person towards the elegance of your eyewear. An absolute must-have for new-trend aficionados! Complete your look with this practical clip-on. With one simple gesture, you can transform your eyewear into a comfortable graduated sunglasses style.


ST!NG 358

STING is celebrating its 35th birthday with the re-launch of an iconic eyewear style born in the ‘90s. It is made even more special by its case: an environmentally sustainable bag made from elastin, derived from the recycled fibres of fishing nets that have been recovered from the sea, in addition to other cast-off fabrics.


ST!NG 318

An emblem of irrepressible femininity and the must-have accessory of stunning pin-ups, cat-eye glasses boast a strong personality that transcends fashions and eras, so much so that this style has already become one of the most-worn accessories of 2019.


ST!NG 128

Continue 2 is a simil-pilot style that not only never goes out of style, but dictates the styles! These glasses are available in classic and pastel hues impressed on a fine metal frame.


ST!NG 089

Multiplayer is the new “two-styles-in-one” invention signed ST!NG Eyewear. The practical screwed-on mask, in fact, is composed of a one-piece lens that can be easily applied to the frame, transforming a pair of specs in a pair of original, attention grabbing sunglasses. This style is style chameleons only!


ST!NG 4902

These vaguely retro aviator shades have nothing vintage about them, thanks to a uber-light frame in thin metal and tone-sur-tone coloured lenses. This is an elegant and sophisticated style, yet it keeps with the quirkiness and the freshness that are typical of STING!


ST!NG 6540

This is a masculine, directional style, which expertly blends the über-stylish wooden effect and the neon color trends. The bold colors are an effective way to defuse any stuffy reference to plush materials.


ST!NG 4856

Yet more covers… More shapes are designed, with the female audience in mind. The new range proposes delicate patterns as well as innovative textures, such as velvet and denimlook acetate.


ST!NG 6504

Fun and colourful design decorate the arms of some models in this collection, with often matching lenses, for a guaranteed effect.


ST!NG 4840

Way before they became a must in mobile phones, interchangeable covers were used in glasses to offer a different style every time.


ST!NG 6428

The eternally fashionable shape and the bold colours are what makes this model a best seller, which reinvents itself every year: fluo, stripes, denim, wood… never the same twice.


ST!NG 4781

Unequivocally feminine pilot model, with a thicker upper bar and contrasting colours.


ST!NG 4734

An extra glamorous mask, with a see through frame and acetate arms.


ST!NG 4716

The pilot model is forever en vogue and updated year after year. In this 2008 model, the scorpio is sported in the front of the frame.


ST!NG 4713

The style championed by Cannavaro is a wraparound mask shape, where front and arms seamlessly merge into each other. On the metal decoration there is an S shaped scorpio with a sting.


ST!NG 6326

An opulent model, with wide arms, perforated at the front and connected to the frame with a metal plate with the company logo.


ST!NG 4656

Sting does not do stern! The new collection has studs and wide arms, but the overall effect is light, thanks to the crystal-coloured front, which resembles a fork-shaped arm.


ST!NG 4558

Schumacher loves clean lines and parabolic curves, and this is the model designed for him: a minimalist model which hugs the face with style.


ST!NG 4523

It is the year of the 4 lenses glasses, ultralight and wraparound. The side lenses protect the side of the face from the sun without blocking the vision. The model becomes trendy, and generates a lot of variations.


ST!NG 6223

It’s the year of Batistuta: Sting creates the right eyewear for a champion with a magnetic look. The lenses become clearer and more delicate, with a mirror sheen; the frames, in transparent acetate, are almost invisible.


ST!NG 4478

A minimalist, wraparound frame, which puts the lenses at centre stage.


ST!NG 6138

A decidedly feminine shape for this model that frames the eyes and gives the wearer an air of mystery.


ST!NG 6103

Style and quality: the innovation of the year are the melanine lenses that can block 100% of dangerous rays, delay skin ageing and protect the eye contours.


ST!NG 6102

Another feminine shape steals the show. Rounded-edged front and chunky arms, to protect the face from the sun on all sides.


ST!NG 6067

Oversize, chunky front, contrasting with ultrathin metal arms.


ST!NG 4123

Feminine, minimalist front, with ornate arms.


ST!NG 6014

Acetate frame in innovative colours and with a bold metal decoration on the front and arms.


ST!NG 6032

First feminine model: an instant best seller which proves that Sting appeals to everyone.


ST!NG 198

Frames get smaller. STING 198, 4050, 4051 e 4052 are smaller in size but big in impact.


ST!NG 326

A rounded shape, with a bold face and arms. The range of colours is a variation on tortoiseshell.


ST!NG 111

Let it be circles – this time with acetate blinkers – to look ahead.


ST!NG 97

Content minimal look and a futurist slant are the features of this model with a bold bar in an otherwise curvy shape.


ST!NG 95

Masculine shape for this metal frame. Another timeless icon for the brand.


ST!NG 92

The bar has a bold, masculine look: the blue mirror lenses make their first appearance.


ST!NG 52

The round, supertrendy model with incorporated clip-ons makes its first appearance. Style is served!


ST!NG 651P

The line is enhanced with the double metal profile model, with a double bridge and a sweat shield. Another great hit!


ST!NG 44

Iconic model in cello-metal, a favourite with Italians for over 10 years.