ST!NG EYEWEAR turns to the magic of the Nineties, the melting pot decade in which the cultural industry reigned supreme: the showbiz and the art world gave life to very diverse trends which thus turned fashion into a great mixer of styles. This melting pot of trends means that now, decades later, we look at those years as a “pastiche” of irony and irreverence, freshness and references to the past. The ST!NG optical collection looks at the Nineties through the coloured kaleidoscope of American pop, with its many objects and accessories, models and rock stars who would later become timeless icons. Bright and vivid colours are superimposed on classic frames through iconic reinterpretations that create fresh and irreverent styles to be worn every day, for a carefree and contemporary look.

POP INSPIRATIONS: The Fresh Prince of BelAir, Saved by the Bell, Clarissa, Full House.


A bit preppy and a bit carefree, TILT is the revived edition of the legendary STING 6011 style that was extremely successful in the Eighties thanks to its geometric yet soft shape. The inner metallic structure is clearly visible through the bi-layer acetate of the temple, and it contributes to draw the attention on the brand’s logo (an exclamation point), which appears in sharp relief on the endpiece.


A timeless classic with a lively twist. Flap features a lightweight frame with a plastic/metal effect and touches of colour. The new ST!NG logo with an exclamation mark stands out on the front piece of this model, which is available in different matt versions. An “iconic” eyewear style with an ironic and fresh twist.


This classic frame, with its soft and slightly elongated shape, becomes immediately trendy thanks to the “degradé” treatment of the colour on the front piece, which goes from deep lilac to pale pink in the area touching the face. Also in this case, the new ST!NG logo in contrasting colours adds personality to the frame of this feminine and contemporary style. The metal temples are available in different colours.


The explosive power of pop art is instilled in this cat-eye acetate with tone-on-tone graphics that freely draw inspiration from some of the most influential artists and writers of the 20th century. The design of this style softens the sensual appeal of the cat-eye shape, making this new frame a romantic and ironic alternative to classic, feminine models.


The brand’s best seller retains, also in its latest version, all the features that have made this style one of the most popular models for many years. Its latest reinterpretation features the Pantos shape of the front piece in the most classic colour versions, contrasted by acetate temples in bright colours, with the typical stripes of the active vintage world.