Longarone (Italy), 1 October 2019 – The latest campaign, with the influencer as the guest star, takes on a casual look. Partying with friends, being happy and ‘having a laugh’ are the main themes of the campaign.

ST!NG was designed with young people in mind, targeting an age group between 15 and 25. The brand has based its collections on the trends set by the youth of today, with styles which are eye-catching, sporty and glamorous. For more than 30 years, they have been continuously producing glasses which redefine the lifestyle of teenagers and young adults alike.

The brand has chosen Jonan Wiergo as its latest ambassador. He is currently one of the most influential lifestyle influencers in Spain, with more than 500,000 followers on Instagram thanks to his natural talent and freshness in front of the camera.

Born in Valencia in 1997, Jonan shot to fame thanks to the Pekin Express TV show in 2016. This programme changed his outlook on life, turning him into a nomad who is always on the lookout for new experiences to film around the world. In 2018, he strengthened his position in the market as he launched his own perfume FREEDOM and published his first book in which he speaks frankly about personal and social issues.

His professional career keeps going from strength to strength. He worked on the MTV Awards for 2 consecutive years as Spanish ambassador and collaborated with Greenpeace on their campaign to save Posidonia, a type of seagrass, together with actress Inma Cuesta.

Joy, enthusiasm, social commitment, a natural sense of humour and a smile which radiates positivity. Jonan Wiergo represents the values of ST!NG Eyewear perfectly; values which the brand has consistently sought to share through projects which embrace the talents of young people around the world.

The range of materials used include metal, for ultralight and oversize styles combined with patterned lenses, geometric shapes and exclusive decorative features which make ST!NG the leading fashion brand for youth fashion once again.